Friday, November 16, 2007

Ship of Monsters

Red Pill Junkie posted links of clips of this movie over on UFO Mystic in the comment section. My browser died and I had to log back in, couldn't find the ones he posted but I'll get those back and post them later. In the meantime, I found this.

Not sure of the decade, late 50s or the 1960s, I imagine. These are some really funny monsters! I love this. I think this is the same movie that has a signing cowboy, and much more! I wish my Spanish was better! I think the women are aliens, in control of the puppet alien monsters...I have to get this movie and watch it.

Thanks to red pill junkie for the link.


Miguel said...

Hey, it is great you chose to include some clips of that movie in your blog. As Piporro would have said: Ajúa!!

Ok, some clarifications: the movie is from 1959, but the release date appears to be January 1960. Here's a poster of the movie

Ok, from what I remember of the plot, two venusian girls in charge of kidnapping male specimens from all points of the cosmos get stranded on Earth and need to make some repairments on their ship. While their robot is hard at work they decide to explore the planet and find Piporro, who is the kind of guy who likes to tell tall tales to his friends at the cantina (some sort of mexican Munchaussen), the venusians find him attractive and they fight for his love, but Piporro falls in love with one of them, making the other terribly jealous. Later we discover the scorned woman is actually from an ancient race of interplanetary vampires (because no self-respected mexican monster movie can do without some vampires!), and this venusian vampire vixen decides to set all the monsters loose on the hapless mexican town of Chihuahua. Piporro finds the monsters and flees to the cantina to tell his friends, who obviously think this is yet another one of his fantastic lies.

By the end of course, Piporro saves the day, defeats all the monsters, keeps his alien girlfriend (the one who wasn't a bloodsucking bitch) and lets the giant robot leave Earth aboard the rocket. In the final scene we discover that the robot has also fallen in love with an earthling creature: the cantina's jukebox!

Truly a masterpiece in my opinion, and the key ingredient os obviously Lalo González a.k.a. "Piporro", who had ample success in his career for portraying the humor and charm of the northen border culture of Mexico :-)

PS: For more examples of the types of monster movies made in Mexico, you should check out the Luchador movies of El Santo, who liked to fight with vampires, mummies, aliens, and all kinds of fantastic creatures.

Red Pill Junkie

R. Lee said...

Wow, this is great, thanks Miguel/red pill junkie. Very much appreciated. I think I've discovered a whole new area for me to explore; the folklore and film culture (the vampire motif, I know is very popular) and so on.

My initial response was right; I thought the two women were aliens; and "friends" with the other "monsters." All very good stuff.