Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Giant Rock Project

This came to me by way of Adam Gorightly, who posted the item on Facebook, and I'm passing it along.

The wondrous Giant Rock, in the Mojave Desert, is under the BLM care. Funds are scarce, and vandals and other elements have done damage to this icon of the Contactee era, and amazing natural artifact. Here is a bit from The Giant Rock's Mission Statement, an organization created to preserve the rock:
Our goal, through this website is to educate, preserve and promote the legend of Giant Rock. We intend to do this by sharing stories, photographs and videos of the past and present day. We hope to inspire you to help with the preservation of this lesser known historic site.

Visit The Giant Rock Project for information on what's being done to protect Giant Rock, and how you can help.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Actress Patrica Neal: Rest in Peace

Actress Patricia Neal passed away at age 84 from lung cancer recently. She had suffered greatly in her life; but she also had what sounds like a strong and loving family. I think the following is beautiful:
"She had a beautiful death with her daughters," Warren Langton, a longtime friend, sometimes assistant, and frequent traveling companion of the actress, told The Martha's Vineyard Times.
It's a nice article and bio of her life in the Martha's Vineyard Times: Patricia Neal, 84.

Patricia Neal was fantastic in many films, Hud being one of course. In keeping with Vintage U.F.O.'s theme, we'd like to remember her in the classic 1951 film The Day The Earth Stood Still, starring Michael Rennie as the alien Klaatu and Neal as Helen Benson whose character spoke these famous words: "Gort! Klaatu barada nikto" 

A trailer of the film:

And a section of the film  that includes a scene with Patrica Neal:

Monday, August 2, 2010

I Want to Believe Flying Saucer Button Earrings

Richelle Hawks (Medusa's Ladder, WOE contributor, etc.), also creates lovely handmade jewelry using vintage bits of wonderful things. Her "I want to believe" flying saucer earrings, made from a pair of vintage buttons, seems an appropriate item to show on Vintage U.F.O. For more of Richelle's work, visit her shop on Etsy. (And be sure to check out her Face From Mars choker.)