Wednesday, December 31, 2008

McMinnville, OR sighting. . . recent

McMinnville, Oregon is home to the famous UFO case from the 1950s, where Paul and Evelyn Trent saw, and photographed a UFO. Those photos made news around the world, and are still considered among the best UFO photos taken.

There's been a new sighting from a few weeks ago in McMinnville, reported to Brian Vike , Director of HBCC UFO Research. You can read the report here. (thanks to
Alien Casebook for the link.)


Kimberly said...

I just reread the about the original sighting - It took a month for the news to get out because they were waiting to finish the film in the camera - We take our digital world for granted. :-)

Daniel said...

Where can I learn more about this camera made by the Air Force made for taking pictures of UFOs?

UFO pics of my own on my journal somewhere

Michelle said...

I'm also interested with this camera thing. However, I haven't seen the pictures you are referring. I'm still excited though.

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Nichole said...

Is that a real ufo I'm seeing? I love discover things and I want to learn more about this alien people...

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Alice said...

I've heard so much about aliens but there is always a contradiction to whatever I read. So till then, I will believe with aliens, if I see one. This is a good way though, starting a new business. When someone read your article.