Sunday, October 10, 2010

"The Washington Post Makes Fun of Military Officers" on A.D.

On the excellent After Disclosure site, Bryce Zabel writes about the Washington Post's descion to send, not an investigative serious reporter, but one who writes the light, humorous pieces, to the September 27 National Press Club's conference, where retired military personnel spoke about national security issues, and UFOs, at nuclear sites. The Washington Post Makes Fun of Military Officers: An Open Letter to the Washington Post

For some reason, this topic is still considered trivial by just about everyone outside of UFOlogy. Read the comments on uber-skeptic boards like the JREF on this issue, where nit picking over terms is considered more important than the fact of Unidentified craft in our skies. They choose to focus on the irrational idea of ET, rather than the idea our own government or other human forces, are responsible for much of UFO activity, experiments on civilians, etc. This is not to imply aliens are not real, about, or also responsible. Regardless of aliens or humans, the fact is, this has been happening and pretending it isn't real is the irrational reality.

Contactee Breaks Silence From Church of UFOlogy

Interesting story of "sky ships" that cleaned up nulcear waste and other contactee experiences. The contactee is now in her sixties and lives in Smokey National Park. Contactee Breaks Lifelong Silence.
Many times the plant had toxic spills. When that happened, the creeks and rivers would have a green glow maybe six feet or more above the water. That’s when we would see a sky ship come in, hover above the water and, like a big vacuum, suck the green stuff off the water.
The sky ships that came to clean up the toxic spills each looked like a dome with a ring-like plate on the bottom. They were a dark charcoal color and huge – about the size of a large Greyhound Bus. If you put your hand out at arm’s length, you could not have covered the ship – that’s how close we would see them.
Fascinating story!