Friday, August 26, 2011

Old UFO Magazine Cover

I've been going through and rearranging a room -- fondly called The Room of Doom, or Hell --  we use as a study/library. Such a mess! But getting better. I found this issue of UFO Magazine from 1987. vol. 2, no. 2. Pretty groovy cover!

I remember this very well. It was the first issue of UFO Magazine I bought. I found it at Eugene's then only New Age bookstore, called Perelandra. They were on east 11th, right by the University, and a few doors down from a movie theater. The bookstore later moved to the downtown mall about a mile or so west, and the theater closed down. (Now we have only multi-plexes at the two shopping malls.) Later, Perlandra closed its doors, which was sad. We still have one New Age bookstore in this town; Stargate, though, on my last visit which was a few years ago, they didn't have much in the way of UFO material.

About the bookstore Perelandra: I remember they used a different spelling, but don't recall how they spelt it. I think it was Perlandra, but not sure.  I do remember asking the owner about it once, she told me they had spelled it that way intentionally and changed the spelling because of a numerology reading she had done regarding the bookstore.

This issue has a Bigfoot-UFO article and a letter to the editor from John Keel!:

Thank you for sending your fine magazine. BUT your point of view is very restricted. Try presenting some of the many, many facts of this bewildering and fascinating subject.
I wish you very success with this project. If there is any way i can help you here in the Big Apple, don't hesitate to ask.
                                                               John A. Keel
                                                              New York, N.Y.

I also remember thinking that some day, I would love to write for a magazine like that. And now I do!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Nick Redfern has a new blog:NICK'S FORTEAN PIC(S) OF THE DAY. It's a great idea! Lots of interesting things over there. Here's a blurb from his blog about the new site:
Back in 2008, the late Mac Tonnies - a good friend and brilliant writer and thinker - established a little-known blog titled Things That Look Like Flying Saucers.

As its name suggested, Mac's blog was a humorous look at a whole variety of down-to-earth "things" that, when photographed, resembled UFOs.

Well, I recently thought, in the same spirit that Mac created his blog, why not establish a light-hearted blog - also of a photo-driven nature - that offers a bit of a departure from the grim-faced, oh-so-serious side of Forteana?

So, for what it's worth, here's my attempt! Like it or not!

Each day promises a new photo...Or, maybe several...