Saturday, April 26, 2008

Richard Dolan on FOX

Here's the link to Richard Dolan's appearance on Fox yesterday morning. Thank you Karyn Dolan for sending the link. Karyn Dolan encourages people to let Fox know what they thought of Richard's segment; would viewers want to see more like this, what's their take on the whole thing, etc.

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Bit of Contactee History

There's a sort of series of posts about the Contactees at UFO Mystic. All very good and interesting reading, including the comments from people like Red Pill Junkie. Van Tassel,Adamski, the FBI's involvement and "spying" are all topics discussed.

For myself, I consider the Contactee era a fascinating one, and it's a shame so many dismiss it all as mere kook stuff. I'm not suggesting that there were literal ETs from space that were dropping by for friendly chats in the deserts, but something was going on that defies the casual rejection of many UFO researchers.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Adam Gorightly, Tuesday Weld, Druids and Hollywood

I grew up in L.A. and Hollywood. I come from circus folk. I come from a long line on both sides of actors,carnies, hucksters, performers,poets,writers,beatniks,artists,violinists, sculpters, entertainers, dancers, musicians,Jews,Buddhists,32nd degree Masons, Native Americans, assassinated Russians and fortune tellers. Yes, I'm a typical no account West Coast girl and so when I read Adam Gorightly's article for the current issue of Paranoia Magazine I said to myself: "Makes sense to me." And I finally understood why I really liked The Adams Family but thought The Munsters was at best a cheap rip-off.

So pick up your issue of Paranoia Magazine today and read Adam Gorightly's and Douglas Hawes article Tuesday Weld's Psychedelic Illuminati Conspiracy today!

(Synchronicity sidebar: There's also an article by Andrew Colvin about Mothman. I'm reading Colvin's Mothman Photographer's II right now, and in fact, was inspired enough to start a new blog about Mothman.

In the Tuesday Weld article, it's mentioned that researcher and writer Hawes lives in Santa Cruz, and, that there is a Santa Cruz Mountains connection with the subject matter and Weld. I used to live in both Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas, like Boulder Creek, etc.)

William Shatner Believes in Martians

And good for him, I say! He was recently interviewed and revealed that he has inside knowledge of things to come in that regard.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Blog: Mothman Flutterings

I've been reading Andrew Colvin's Mothman Photographer's II and have been having some interesting Mothy experiences.

Mothman is a subject that's been close to my heart ever since I read Keel's book way back when.

So of course I started a new blog about it. I'm using Word Press, which I like a lot. It doesn't have a lot of fancy things but I kind of like that. It's very 'clean.'

The blog is Mothman Flutterings, and you can find it here.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gray Barker's The Silver Bridge

I've been wanting to get this book for years. I had a bit of Mothman Synchronicity with this book; (I'm reading Andrew Colvin's Mothman II books right now) not seeing it on eBay or Amazon or ABEbooks for some time, I just found a few copies on eBay and Amazon last night! Problem is, the lowest the book is being sold for is $69.00, the highest price I've seen is $500.00.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Leaving wholesome cartoon land, and on to titillating images in Saucer Land. . .

Beefcake and saucers . . .

The occasional sex toy reared its head . . .

"Bond, James Bond . . ."

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Steve Hammons on 1954 Special Ops Manual

at UFO Digest, discussing a 1954 special ops manual and how to deal with UFOs and ET. Allegedly. There's a link to a good resource too;