Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saucer Building and UFO Blog Listings

This is a photo from Holland, dated sometime in the 1960s. I'm using this same image on my Yahoo forum: UFO blog listings. You can join and post links to your own UFO blog (or site) as well as share information on ones you like.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blue Mountains Australia: UFOs

I came across a review of Rex and Heather Gilroy’s Blue Mountains Triangles in Nexus magazine. (So of course I had to order the book. ) I’m not familiar with these events but a quick internet search revealed all kinds of links to sites with information on this fascinating UFO area.

It’s not strictly Vintage UFO, since sightings are on-going. But according to the review in Nexus:
Unidentified flying objects of an array of shapes have been seen around the vast wilderness region of the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia since 1875 when colonial settlers in the Kurrajong area reported “a gigantic, squarish flying craft.” (italics mine)

This photo was taken in 1954 by W.C. Hall in Australia.
UFO Casebook

Saturday, October 27, 2007

UK 1977 Alien Transmission from Vrillon

in 1977, the UK heard this transmission, that interrupted their telly watching. Hoax? So far, no one's identified or found the cause.

(I'm reminded, for some reason, of the scene from V, where he manages to hijack the television stations.)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Behind the Scene Magazine

The year, 1954, the magazine is "Behind the Scene." I'm not sure what the blurb on the cover refers to -- Where Anyone Can Buy a Girl Slave -- do they mean a movie, or the UFOs that are attacking us, as they assure us at the top of the cover?: Flying Saucers Are Attacking Us!

Nazis and UFOs

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been fascinated by the Nazi-UFO connection/conspiracy/theory for a long time. Not that I buy into it, I don’t, my interest is a distraction, a guilty pleasure, a weird little hobby. It’s goofy, in a terrifying and horrible kind of way. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the hard andevil reality of the Nazis, and the esoteric, “non-reality” (so to speak) of UFOs. Somewhere in between there is the fact the Nazis were involved in the occult and dark secret magick doings, and really did build "ufos."

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything any more. It was in one of the Illuminati Trilogy books by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson in the early 1970s, where Nazi soldiers underneath a lake were called to life by skinhead neo-nazi rock and rollers; something like that. I read that many years ago but every now and then something happens in the world that makes me think “Any time now, there’s going to rise up some vile thing that’s going to just overtly take over. No more hiding, covering up or pretending the rest of us are paranoid kooks.” That’s on my good days. On my bad days, I throw in Giant Reptilians and the reality of Dick Cheney’s immortality.

There are reasons why this idea of Nazi UFOs habitating and controlling the earth to this day persists. A sociologist can have herself a good time tackling that one. We did have Operation Paperclip. Dr. Evils abound, then and now. Our government, all governments do heinous things -- and to its own people. Nothing new there. Add in the afore mentioned interest in occultism, and flying disks, and there you go.

Holocaust denier and anti-Semite Ernst Zündel (or victim of free speech suppression, if you like Jeff Rense) wrote about the UFO and Nazi connection, and “sold (for $9999) seats on an exploration team to locate the underground base.[16] Some people who interviewed Zündel about this material claim that he privately admitted it was a deliberate hoax to build publicity for Samisdat, although he still defended it as late as 2002." (Wikipedia)

There’s a lot of material out there on the subject. If you’re interested in exploring the topic, you’ll find yourself with hours of internet fun Googling “nazi ufos” or some such.


Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers trailer

1956. I love flying saucer movies; yes, they're bad, except for The Day The Earth Stood Still, but have an affection for them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1955 UFO Case: from UFO Mystic

Nick Redfern has an interesting piece on UFO Mystic: Saucer Sisters of the Golden Age, about the 1955 UFO encounter of Mildred and Marie Maier. Definitely worth reading.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Flying Saucer Song

I don't know what the date is, the music is 50s, 60s, the images seem to range from 50s to late 70s. Some classic images; white house, etc. I love it!

Greg Bishop at the Integratron

UFO Mystic blogger and author Greg Bishop at Giant Rock, Calif. home of the Contactees, George Van Tassel and the "Integraton" -- one day, I'll get to visit there!

The Shadow and the Riddle of the Flying Saucers

I've been a fan of The Shadow, who knew he had his turn with flying saucers? This cover is from 1948. Image from UFO POP.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Technorati Test

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Do Nothing Flying Saucer Detector

This image of the "Flying Saucer Detector" is from Popular Mechanics, 1954. The machine doesn't "do" anything, other than move and whirl and spin wheels.