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Face on Mars Comic Book

Face on Mars comic. But wait, there's more! It's from 1959! See it here.

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Area 51 Loose Ends: Lazar Story: A Fraud for Bigelow Funding?

Glenn Campbell and his 1997 article on Bob Lazar, with new notes,  and his connections with Robert Bigelow. As I keep saying, I've been suspicious of Bigelow for some time. Very interesting reading. Area 51 Loose Ends: Lazar Story: A Fraud for Bigelow Funding?

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Paranormal TV: Monsters of the UFO; Incident at Kelly

 From 1994, this episode of Paranormal TV on alien monster and humanoid encounters! With news clips from the times. Pretty neat.

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Jack Brewer on The UFO Trail, Leah Haley, Abductions,MILABS, Contactees, Satanic Rituals . . .

Jack Brewer at The UFO Trail does it again: The UFO Trail: The Leah Haley Case: The Pink Elephant and a Sample of Comments
At the very least, we should give serious consideration to the extent the intelligence community manipulated public perception while authoring UFO and abduction lore. Intelligence interests have been well documented and demonstrated in circumstances such as the Maury Island fiasco and the supposed contactees of the 1950's.

However, as long as we largely refuse to regularly address the Big Brother pink elephant in the room of ufology, truth and objectivity will continue to suffer. This reaches far beyond Leah Haley or any other given case.

Brewer shares some of the comments (including some of my own) left at his blog on his posts about Leah Haley and the possible involvement of government mind control programs. Some readers, like myself, find Brewer's writings on this subject a good thing, while others are downright hostile.

As I've said before, I don't know if Leah Haley is right. But I think there's a lot -- a lot -- there, in terms of government involvement of abduction events.

Gloira Lee (aka Lee-Bryd)
I've said this in the past about the contactees. I'm not the only one of course; but even now, the idea that the contactees were heavily manipulated by humans, and not aliens (so much) isn't considered enough, in my view. Nor is the historical context followed. What I mean is, if it started with the contactees, the manipulations continued and morphed into the "alien abduction" scenario. I hinted at this a bit in my introduction to Tim Beckley's recent reprint of contactee Gloria Lee's book Why We Are Here. (I believe Lee did tap into something supernatural but was tragically manipulated by human forces as well.)

At the same time, all this covert government activity surrounding aliens and human contact doesn't negate the reality of literal aliens. Or, what we call aliens.

Jacque Vallee wrote of hidden human manipulators in his books, Messengers of Deception the classic, but today, it seems this idea is ignored, or even, as Jack Brewer points out, met with downright hostility. Nick Redfern has addressed similar ideas of human elements deep within the government as cause for, or in partnership with non-human entities in his book Final Events. And interpretations of secret experiments as UFO related, such as Roswell, in his Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story It's a thin line to walk, to consider the reality of government intentionally creating (or co-creating) alien, UFO events in secret, to believing there are underground bases containing vats full of human body parts stirred by aliens as uniformed soldiers stand by.

I keep going back to the news decades ago of Satanic abuses. The media was full of stories of individuals who insisted they had, upon regressions, recovered memories of horrific abuses, all within a Satanic setting. Animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, sexual and physical abuse of children and adults, devotion to Satan, these memories were buried until they erupted under regression. Then those tales faded away, and we began hearing more and more of alien abductions. Time lines overlap; the 1961 Barney and Betty Hill case is considered the "first" alien abduction and predates the Satanic abuse events, as do the earlier contactee encounters.  But I've often wondered if the controllers were experimenting with different themes to deliver their experiments. Satanic rituals here, alien abductions there. Maybe that's ridiculous, maybe not. Maybe there's some truth there, maybe not. As I've said, it's possible a cover was needed so different settings were auditioned. It's possible they decided the alien thing worked for a long list of reasons, including the hide in plain sight idea. In other words, if there really are aliens, (and I think there are) why not further employ disinfo by using the very thing so many -- including the government responsible for these distractions -- deny exist?

I have to add, that for those who've experienced these things, they are very real. They are real. (I'll refer to my own missing time experiences: whatever, whoever, caused those missing time episodes in my life, the fact remains: my memory was fucked with, and it wasn't by me. That's real. That's wrong, whether aliens did it or humans.) Because there might be the possibility these events were manipulated by humans, or even completely created by humans (which I doubt), that is no doing of the experiencer. We have to remain absolutely sensitive to, and respectful of, the witnesses. We have to really listen to their stories, and not just wait for places where we can insert our own ideas of how things are.

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Nick Redfern: Contactees or Secret Agents?

Nick Redfern at Mysterious Universe: Contactees or Secret Agents? | Mysterious Universe

One of the most outrageous, but certainly intriguing, theories surrounding the early years of the Contactee movement suggests the Contactees were in the clandestine employ of the United States’ Intelligence community.

Their secret role: to spread outlandish – and utterly fictitious – tales of trips to the Moon and Venus with long-haired aliens. Their purpose: to make the entire UFO subject seem ridiculous, and to bury the truly unexplained and mystifying reports amongst a mass of largely unbelievable tales of cosmic contact. As controversial as it may seem, however, when we look for connections between the Contactees and elements of U.S. officialdom, we do find them.
Redfern is correct that there's a "U.S. officialdom" connection with the contactees. It is outlandish, but I think there's something to the idea that many researchers have ignored, or at least, not considered seriously.

Nick has some interesting information in his article that supports the theory the government had some involvement in the contactee experience.

However, -- though I'm not expert at all and this is just my speculation -- I think there was some kind of truth to what the contactees were saying; some non-human energy was present, manipulating experience, and the government knew about it, in turn doing their own manipulation of contactee communications. Not to say I think contactees literally went to Venus or, that the entities that said they came from Venus, Mars, or Jupiter really did come from those planets. But I do think non-human intelligences were present and responsible for much of what the contactees said they encountered. With help from government, human agencies.

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John A. Keel Quote

No, the real truth lies in another direction. The contactees from 1897 on have been telling us what they were told by the ufonauts. The ufonauts are the liars, not the contactees. And they are lying deliberately as part of the bewildering smokescreen which they have established to cover their real origin, purpose, and motivation. ~ John A. Keel,  Trojan Horse.

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Silver Screen Saucers: Charles Fort: the movie!

Great blog, if you haven't visited make sure you do. News on the upcoming movie Charles Fort: Silver Screen Saucers: Charles Fort: the movie! I'm looking forward to this but as I commented over there, it could go either way. Still, I'm optimistic.

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Rights and Raelians: Court Rules Filmmakers Lied About Raelians

On Binnall of America, for my Trickster's Realm column:Rights and Raelians. A federal court recently ruled that two film makers intentionally lied in their documentary about the Raelians. I've been following this story for years, since 2005 when they started their campaign against the Raelians. Now, I'm not a particular fan of the Raelians but that is beside the point. UFO Land has ignored this story, mainly because the Raelians are an embarrassment, I suspect. But that fact doesn't change the religious and political fanaticism of Abdullah Hashem and his partner Joseph McGowen and their libel and slander.

All that's beside the point; Hashem's attack on the Raelians wasn't due to altruistic reasons, but a religious attack. He was deeply offended by the Raelians free spirited sexual views and their interpretations of God/god. That's all it was ever about. One religious fanatic's attack. Last week a court ruled in favor of the Raelians:

U.S. Federal Court Rules Filmmakers Lied About Raelians - PR Newswire -

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A California federal court has found that two vocal critics of the Raelian Movement ( fabricated stories about the organization. The court awarded undisclosed damages to the Raelians, including the return of film footage.

Abdullah Hashem and Joseph McGowen appeared on Fox News and other media outlets in 2005-2006, saying they saw people recruited through sex and that acts of pedophilia took place at a Raelian seminar in 2005.

Raelians have claimed for years that the two men lied about what they reported, and they have now been legally vindicated. On September 15, the federal court issued a final judgment against Hashem, who was also ordered to return all film footage taken at the seminar to the Raelian Movement. A copy of the ruling is available upon request under:

United States District Court for the Eastern District of California: International Raelian Movement v. Hashem (Case No. 2:08-cv-00687-GEB –DAD).

My original blog posts appeared on an old Angelfire blog I had that no longer exists but I did find a draft in my files from 2005:

Raelians Sue
Long time readers of the OrangeOrb know I'm no fan of the Raelians. Their emblem is offensive: a swastika. Oh, not a neo-Nazi white brotherhood kill the Jews and gays and blacks and everyone else un-tall, blond and blue eyed, but still. They've gone through a couple of changes with the design, making it New Agey, all lotus like and mingled with light and love and the ancient meaning of the swastika, but, still . . .

Read the rest at Binnall of America, and do yourself a favor and read the other great columns while you're visting the site.

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Old UFO Magazine Cover

I've been going through and rearranging a room -- fondly called The Room of Doom, or Hell --  we use as a study/library. Such a mess! But getting better. I found this issue of UFO Magazine from 1987. vol. 2, no. 2. Pretty groovy cover!

I remember this very well. It was the first issue of UFO Magazine I bought. I found it at Eugene's then only New Age bookstore, called Perelandra. They were on east 11th, right by the University, and a few doors down from a movie theater. The bookstore later moved to the downtown mall about a mile or so west, and the theater closed down. (Now we have only multi-plexes at the two shopping malls.) Later, Perlandra closed its doors, which was sad. We still have one New Age bookstore in this town; Stargate, though, on my last visit which was a few years ago, they didn't have much in the way of UFO material.

About the bookstore Perelandra: I remember they used a different spelling, but don't recall how they spelt it. I think it was Perlandra, but not sure.  I do remember asking the owner about it once, she told me they had spelled it that way intentionally and changed the spelling because of a numerology reading she had done regarding the bookstore.

This issue has a Bigfoot-UFO article and a letter to the editor from John Keel!:

Thank you for sending your fine magazine. BUT your point of view is very restricted. Try presenting some of the many, many facts of this bewildering and fascinating subject.
I wish you very success with this project. If there is any way i can help you here in the Big Apple, don't hesitate to ask.
                                                               John A. Keel
                                                              New York, N.Y.

I also remember thinking that some day, I would love to write for a magazine like that. And now I do!

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Nick Redfern has a new blog:NICK'S FORTEAN PIC(S) OF THE DAY. It's a great idea! Lots of interesting things over there. Here's a blurb from his blog about the new site:
Back in 2008, the late Mac Tonnies - a good friend and brilliant writer and thinker - established a little-known blog titled Things That Look Like Flying Saucers.

As its name suggested, Mac's blog was a humorous look at a whole variety of down-to-earth "things" that, when photographed, resembled UFOs.

Well, I recently thought, in the same spirit that Mac created his blog, why not establish a light-hearted blog - also of a photo-driven nature - that offers a bit of a departure from the grim-faced, oh-so-serious side of Forteana?

So, for what it's worth, here's my attempt! Like it or not!

Each day promises a new photo...Or, maybe several...

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Going Back A Bit In Time – Revisiting The Early Days Of UFOlogy And The Contactee Movement | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

At UFO Digest, Sean Casteel reviews Tim Beckley's reprint of two stories of two female contactees, Dana Howard and Gloria Lee. (I wrote the intro for the Gloria Lee book.) As Sean points out, there are UFO researchers who reject the contactee era as embarrassing nonsense, or, as he puts it, attack Tim Beckley for exploitation:
Though Tim Beckley believes his motivations should be seen as altruistic, to others they are controversial even appalling. There are still some purists in the field who believe that “contactee” is a dirty word. Yet all things considered, Beckley is doing the UFO community a huge service by reprinting hard to find books from the 1950s, books written by early UFO experiencers who were the first to claim contact with the aliens after the initial sighting by Kenneth Arnold in 1947 that started it all.
Going Back A Bit In Time – Revisiting The Early Days Of UFOlogy And The Contactee Movement | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

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New TR: Gray Barker; Chasing the Flying Saucers | MOTHMAN FLUTTERINGS

My new Trickster's Realm column is up at Tim Binall's Binnall of America; I post more about it at my blog Mothman Flutterings.
New TR: Gray Barker; Chasing the Flying Saucers | MOTHMAN FLUTTERINGS

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Exeter UFO Festival

Get ready! 3rd Annual Exeter UFO Festival! September 3rd. And it's FREE, which is amazing. Exeter UFO Festival This year, Stanton Friedman, Kathleen Marden, Richard Dolan and more. Tim Binnal is the emcee!

Check it out!

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New Book: "Two Golden Age of Flying Saucer Classics" contactees Dana Howard, Gloria Lee

Cover art by Carol Ann Rodriguez
Over at UFO Mystic, I have a post about Tim Beckley's new release on two contactees: Dana Howard and Gloria Lee. I wrote the introduction for Gloria Lee's book.  One woman's story was positive, one ended tragically. Were the entities, or "aliens" truly ETs or something else altogether?

The cover art by Carol Ann Rodriguez is beautiful!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Those Mysterious UFOs David C Knight by venusian23 on Etsy

I'm reorgainzing my bookshelves -- a huge job! -- and selling some UFO related books on my etsy store. Like this one:
Those Mysterious UFOs David C Knight by venusian23 on Etsy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

X-File Coolness: Fox Mulder's Wristwatches

X Files coolness, or, nerdiness/geekness, depending on your point of view:
Fox Mulder's Wristwatch

Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Secret to Long Life: UFOs -

About one man's life long passion concerning UFOs. While that is very interesting, there is so much more to this man. At 107, Dr. Imich is still mentally vital and interested in UFOs and the paranormal, yes, but there is much more to this individual. (hat tip to The Daily Grail for link.)
A Secret to Long Life: UFOs -

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Old Coast to Coast Programs

Check out the Coast to Coast widget in the menu on your right; you can listen to old C2C programs with host Art Bell.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kevin Randle on Flatwood

Interesting posts from Kevin Randle on the Flatwoods Monster case.

A Different Perspective

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UFO Contactees

I stumbled on this site which has a long list of contactees with book titles and images:UFO Contactees

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On UFO Mystic: Was “Flix” the White Bigfoot From Space a Hoax? The FBI Knows… Maybe…

I have a post at UFO Mystic on Flix, the Bigfoot type creature that showed up in a small Oregon town decades ago, and a very funny/strange comment left by someone who (allegedly) was contacted by the FBI due to his interest in "Flix."

Was “Flix” the White Bigfoot From Space a Hoax? The FBI Knows… Maybe…

Friday, March 25, 2011

Vanguard to Venus

1957, sci-fiction book Vanguard to Venus, about a ship stopping off at the Moon where, the jacket flap tells us, the "Venutians" appear:
"An interception was made by the Venutians which promised both treachery and ultimate disaster, a promise which almost became reality."
I haven't read the book, but I'm curious as to see how the Venutians are depicted. Different than the usual benign and wise space brother/space sister Venusians we're familiar with from many contactee encounters. Of course, the contactee stories were non-fiction/biographical events; this book is fiction.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nick Redfern on Contactees and Synchronicity

Nick Redfern contributes to Mysterious Universe; here he writes about moments of synchronicity while working on his 2009 book Contactees, one which concerns "coincidences" involving Venus, contactee Dana Howard, Redfern's wife Dana, and myself:
Space-Brothers and Synchronicities | Mysterious Universe

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Martian Jell-O

I was looking for vintage Jell-O material for my blog Pulp Jello, and found this vintage ad which reminded me right away of Martians of course,  and just had to share.  It just seems like the kind of dish Martians would serve up!