Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Nick Redfern has a new blog:NICK'S FORTEAN PIC(S) OF THE DAY. It's a great idea! Lots of interesting things over there. Here's a blurb from his blog about the new site:
Back in 2008, the late Mac Tonnies - a good friend and brilliant writer and thinker - established a little-known blog titled Things That Look Like Flying Saucers.

As its name suggested, Mac's blog was a humorous look at a whole variety of down-to-earth "things" that, when photographed, resembled UFOs.

Well, I recently thought, in the same spirit that Mac created his blog, why not establish a light-hearted blog - also of a photo-driven nature - that offers a bit of a departure from the grim-faced, oh-so-serious side of Forteana?

So, for what it's worth, here's my attempt! Like it or not!

Each day promises a new photo...Or, maybe several...

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