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Jack Brewer on The UFO Trail, Leah Haley, Abductions,MILABS, Contactees, Satanic Rituals . . .

Jack Brewer at The UFO Trail does it again: The UFO Trail: The Leah Haley Case: The Pink Elephant and a Sample of Comments
At the very least, we should give serious consideration to the extent the intelligence community manipulated public perception while authoring UFO and abduction lore. Intelligence interests have been well documented and demonstrated in circumstances such as the Maury Island fiasco and the supposed contactees of the 1950's.

However, as long as we largely refuse to regularly address the Big Brother pink elephant in the room of ufology, truth and objectivity will continue to suffer. This reaches far beyond Leah Haley or any other given case.

Brewer shares some of the comments (including some of my own) left at his blog on his posts about Leah Haley and the possible involvement of government mind control programs. Some readers, like myself, find Brewer's writings on this subject a good thing, while others are downright hostile.

As I've said before, I don't know if Leah Haley is right. But I think there's a lot -- a lot -- there, in terms of government involvement of abduction events.

Gloira Lee (aka Lee-Bryd)
I've said this in the past about the contactees. I'm not the only one of course; but even now, the idea that the contactees were heavily manipulated by humans, and not aliens (so much) isn't considered enough, in my view. Nor is the historical context followed. What I mean is, if it started with the contactees, the manipulations continued and morphed into the "alien abduction" scenario. I hinted at this a bit in my introduction to Tim Beckley's recent reprint of contactee Gloria Lee's book Why We Are Here. (I believe Lee did tap into something supernatural but was tragically manipulated by human forces as well.)

At the same time, all this covert government activity surrounding aliens and human contact doesn't negate the reality of literal aliens. Or, what we call aliens.

Jacque Vallee wrote of hidden human manipulators in his books, Messengers of Deception the classic, but today, it seems this idea is ignored, or even, as Jack Brewer points out, met with downright hostility. Nick Redfern has addressed similar ideas of human elements deep within the government as cause for, or in partnership with non-human entities in his book Final Events. And interpretations of secret experiments as UFO related, such as Roswell, in his Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story It's a thin line to walk, to consider the reality of government intentionally creating (or co-creating) alien, UFO events in secret, to believing there are underground bases containing vats full of human body parts stirred by aliens as uniformed soldiers stand by.

I keep going back to the news decades ago of Satanic abuses. The media was full of stories of individuals who insisted they had, upon regressions, recovered memories of horrific abuses, all within a Satanic setting. Animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, sexual and physical abuse of children and adults, devotion to Satan, these memories were buried until they erupted under regression. Then those tales faded away, and we began hearing more and more of alien abductions. Time lines overlap; the 1961 Barney and Betty Hill case is considered the "first" alien abduction and predates the Satanic abuse events, as do the earlier contactee encounters.  But I've often wondered if the controllers were experimenting with different themes to deliver their experiments. Satanic rituals here, alien abductions there. Maybe that's ridiculous, maybe not. Maybe there's some truth there, maybe not. As I've said, it's possible a cover was needed so different settings were auditioned. It's possible they decided the alien thing worked for a long list of reasons, including the hide in plain sight idea. In other words, if there really are aliens, (and I think there are) why not further employ disinfo by using the very thing so many -- including the government responsible for these distractions -- deny exist?

I have to add, that for those who've experienced these things, they are very real. They are real. (I'll refer to my own missing time experiences: whatever, whoever, caused those missing time episodes in my life, the fact remains: my memory was fucked with, and it wasn't by me. That's real. That's wrong, whether aliens did it or humans.) Because there might be the possibility these events were manipulated by humans, or even completely created by humans (which I doubt), that is no doing of the experiencer. We have to remain absolutely sensitive to, and respectful of, the witnesses. We have to really listen to their stories, and not just wait for places where we can insert our own ideas of how things are.


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