Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Greg Bishop, Pamela Stonebrooke, and The Reptilians

A very personal post by Greg Bishop on his blog UFO Mystic about the "Queen of the Reptilians," Pamela Stonebrooke, who he knew at one time.

I have an interest in Stonebrooke's story, because I'm generally interested in stories like hers. But also because, about eight or ten years ago, when I was studying folklore at my college, I was doing a lot of research projects on UFOs. (Being folklore, they let me get away with it.) My final project in graduate school (similar to a thesis) was entitled "My Alien Lizard Lover: Animal Lore and UFOs" and that title was inspired by the experiences of Pamela Stonebrooke. (I never went through the final hoops of rewriting the thing for the fifteenth time, so never got my masters.)

You can read Greg's piece Pamela Stonebrooke: Queen of the Reptilians here, and be sure to listen to his interview with Pamela on Radio Misterioso.


Greg Bishop said...


You ought to at least publish that paper online. I'd really like to see it, and I'm sure others would too.

Autumn_Sky said...

The artist's rendering is somewhat similar to the more human-looking(and sexy) Cardassians on Star Trek:The Next Generation and even more on Star Trek:Deep Space 9.

I read excerpts of her book online years ago. But, Stonebrook lost me when she claimed that she was her reptoid lover - something about time travel and reincarnation.