Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just For You, Nick

Nick Redfern, of UFO Mystic and author of many great esoteric books (On the Trail of the Saucer Spies, etc.) wrote a very nice plug for this blog today:

You won’t find any stark, black Flying Triangles, humorless black-eyed Greys, tales of Area 51, or dark and dire conspiracies here. No!

Instead, as time progresses, you’ll doubtless learn much about wobbly flying saucer film-footage; curvy and well-stacked space babes that used to enjoy hanging around the deserts of California (Where’d they go? Oh that’s right: they have cunningly infiltrated reality TV and the music biz)

And so, in thanks for the great plug and kind words, here are some images that I hope Nick,as well as the rest of you, enjoy.

Anne Francis, who I loved as Honey West when I was a kid -- I wanted to be Honey West -- in the classic sci fi movie Forbidden Planet, 1956. More accurately, these are stills from the movie:

Yvonne Craig, (Catwoman, er, Batgirl, thanks for the correction Richelle -- see comments) as a slave girl in the Star Trek episode Whom God Destroy.

Zsa Gabor, in Queens of Outer Space, and another still from the movie:

Here are some great cover art images and advertising:


richelle said...

Yvonne Craig actually played Batgirl--just nitpicking. Really fabulous blog!

R. Lee said...

Thanks Richelle!

DanielBrenton said...

Regan --

Oddly enough when I caught the second image of Anne Frances, of Robbie holding a train to her dress, I flashed on a visionary image Arthur C. Clarke had of the future (yesterday's future, many years ago). He was imagining a kind of futuristic Athens, a world with only a few million people, a population living in comfort and freed from the concern about survival, supported by a "slave" population of intelligent machines.

I can just see it --

"Prime Minister, the machines are revolting!"

"Yes, and they're trying to overthrow the government."

(Pa doomp poomp ... crash.)

The Odd Little Universe of Daniel Brenton

Nick Redfern said...


Cool post - thanks! Pictures of scantily-clad space babes who look like they just stepped off the set of a Russ Meyer film are always welcome!