Sunday, November 11, 2007

Daniel Brenton: Cosmonauts Lost

Daniel Brenton, The Meaning of Existence and all that blog, has a nice piece on the cosmonauts:Cosmonauts Lost.
Any space buff worth his or her salt is keenly aware of the tragic fate of Vladimir Komarov, who died on April 24, 1967, due to parachute failure after the reentry of Soyuz 1.

But the question really is: were there events like this (or ones even more dramatic) earlier in the Space Race that the Soviet Union chose to hide from us?

(By the way, Daniel is co-author of the new book
Red Moon. I have my copy and can’t wait to get to it. It looks good, too.)

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Daniel Brenton said...

Regan --

You are so good to me ... thanks for the mention.

When I was putting together this article I was a bit surprised when the name Frank Edwards, broadcaster and author of Flying Saucers - Serious Business popped up. He may not have been the source, but was at least a propagator of some of these "lost cosmonaut" stories from the 1960s.

After I posted this I learned that James Oberg played the debunker role on the Larry King Live UFO piece Friday, and I kind of wondered if any readers would take issue with me referencing him so much. (So far, so good.) About a year ago, to my surprise, Oberg emailed me after I posted my first article on UFOs -- "UFOs - An Unreasonable Argument" (which I think was your first introduction to my stuff) and he said he had no issue with any of it. This was a pleasant surprise because I had the impression of him being a second string Phil Klass when it came to UFOs.

Not sure what to make of that.

Anyway, thanks again.

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