Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cover Artist Walter Popp

The artist often goes unoticed, even as we use and admire their art. Here’s one artist of those great covers, Walter Popp.

I found this link while looking for an image to go with a post over at OrangeOrb. And this image:

well, what can we say? We can get all feminist didatic about this, and with good reason. We can just admire it; depending on your gender and or preference. We can do a whole pop culture thing. Lots of ways to go with this one.


richelle said... One of the most striking things is her relative size to the mad doctor figure or whatever he is. Proportions would have her be about the size of a three year old, and that body quite belies any true toddlerness. Definitely fetishized. I would love to read the story.

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