Saturday, November 17, 2007

Redfern, Komarek : George Adamski

The Contactees Weren't Just Kooks

I’m a defender of the Contactees, the George Adamski's of the world. It isn’t so simple, to just brush them off as endearing (or not so endearing, depending on your perspective) kooks. Many on both sides of that rickety UFO fence consider the Contactees, such as Adamski, Daniel Fry, Van Tassel, and so on as an embarrassment. Some may look upon them as quaint; maybe not so embarrassing, but not to be taken seriously, either.

I take them very seriously. I suspect there was a lot more going on with the Contactees than meets (met?) the eye.

Colin Bennett’s book Looking for Orthon is a good book to read about George Adamski in particular, and the flying saucer Contactees American culture vibe of the times.

Nick Redfern, in his blog entry Blasts from the Past, on UFO Mystic writes:
Is all this harking back to the days of yesteryear mere coincidence or are the dastardly Greasy about to go belly-up? Surely this evolutionary decline they’re supposedly on has been going on for far too long now. Are they about to give way to their long-haired, blonde ancestors and their absurdly shiny saucers?
Interesting observation and question! Maybe something is about to turn . . .

Nick points to Ed Komarek’s
The 1950s Contactees Movement Revisited, (Part 2) which is very interesting. Komarek is into the exopolitics aspect (his blog is Exopolitics: The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact ) of UFOs; I’m not sure I agree completely with him on some things but that’s beside the point.

I agree with Komarek and others about one thing though: it’s important for anyone interested in the UFOs of today to take a look back at the UFOs past. It’s folklore (not to be misused or synonymous with “falsehoods”) and history, and we’d miss out on a lot by forgetting about these past events. And we might miss out on what’s right in front of us, if we’re unaware of went before.

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Nick Redfern said...

I agree: there was indeed far more going on with many of the Contactees.
And while there were certainly charlatans among their number, some - I'm certan - were undergoing modern day shamanic type experiences of a sort that humankind (in remote locations, such as the deserts where Van Tassel and Adamski had their experiences) has experienced for thousands of years.
I don't believe this has anything to do with literal aliens. But it does involve contact with some sort of superior and manipulative intelligence.
And I don't think it's friendly either.