Monday, March 3, 2008

Back to the Desert (Part I?)

Summer Days, Georgia O'Keefe, 1936

Just some thoughts on deserts as settings for unusual experiences . . . I don't know if there'll be a Part II yet . . .

In the discussions about mystical and UFO experiences in the desert; from the Contactees to Don Juan, for example, a natural question came from that: why deserts?

What is it about the desert that makes it such a perfect stage for these kinds of experiences? One obvious answer is the openness and the isolation; a large open area for these events to take place, these beings to appear, these interactions between us and "it" to unfold, without being seen. Unless you happen to be one of the ones lucky (or unlucky) to experience these things. The desert: wide open, empty, lonely. Perfect.

The desert, the world over, has been the stage for these other worldly events. Meetings with Jinns with Space Brothers and Sisters, with Mary, with deities and entities.

If you like the psy-op scenario: government military behind these outer space episodes, for example, the desert is the perfect setting for the reasons stated above. It's also convenient; bases are either in the desert, or close enough to to take a jaunt and set up Alien Abduction Shop.

It's possible these wide open areas, remote and fairly unbothered, act as portals.

A friend of mine and I were talking briefly about this topic the other day, and she said to "think about the sand." What is the sand made of? Silica. Crystals. Quartz. What are crystals? Transmitters. They hold and impart. It's not a coincidence humans have been using quartz crystals in not only technological ways but mystical ways as well. (As those who know, know, using crystals can be very powerful in meditation . . .)

Very interesting.

In that light, we can think of the desert stage as the perfect place for these encounters for all the reasons listed, including the huge power source right under the experiencer's feet.

All these things combined make for the perfect place for mystical occurrences.

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Did you notice that the antlers in that painting you posted looked a lot like the international bio-hazard sign?