Sunday, March 16, 2008

“Swamp Gas” being of course the infamous explanation for UFOs seen in the skies back in the day. This is a piece I wrote for American Chronicle in 2006, and thought it’d be interesting to repost it here.

UFOs: Plasma, The New Swamp Gas
May 07, 2006

I recently wrote about the items that crop up every so often about how UFOs are dead and gone. (UFOs: Not Dead Yet.) These items are cyclic in nature, insistent in their thesis: UFOs are no longer with us. These appear despite the fact that at the same time, items appear about the latest sightings, encounters, new UFO book and magazine publications, etc. The creaky debunking machine continues however, churning away, giving us the latest explanation for UFOs, reasons on why UFOs are no longer present, or the self-congratulatory, albeit very late news that a particular case was a hoax. (ie, Santelli film.)

On the heels of the most recent bits that UFOs are no longer, are these items that tell us what UFOs are. They are many things, according to these "news" pieces, but one thing is certain, as they tell us: they are not extraterrestrials from outer space. (Or, while rarely stated but certainly implied, are they beings from another dimension, entities of the earth but non-human, and so on.)

Most people, including the average person with a brief acquaintance with UFOs, knows that swamp gas is code for 'explanation for silly flying saucers.'. That?s become a running joke now in pop culture. Well, it seems that, according to the latest news, UFOs really are something as ludicrous; plasma.

Here's a sampling of a few items that have appeared in the past few days:

Scientists explain UFO sightings. Not a creative title, but to the point.

Scientists at the Defence Intelligence Staff, part of the Ministry of Defence, reportedly described how glowing "plasmas" of gas were created by charges of electricity. Air flows then sculpted the plasmas into aerodynamic shapes which appeared to fly at extraordinary speeds through the sky.

I am of the opinion that the people writing these things for their various intel agencies are snorting milk out their noses as they come up with these ideas. They go on:
As a result, people who thought they'd seen a UFO were instead suffering from "extended memory retention and repeat experiences" induced by the plasmas.

No comment. None needed.

Another one; UFO study finds no signs of aliens.

People who claim to have had a "close encounter" are often difficult to persuade that they did not really see what they thought they saw. The report offers a possible medical explanation.

The close proximity of plasma related fields can adversely affect a vehicle or person," states the report.

Local fields of this type have been medically proven to cause responses in the temporal lobes of the human brain. These result in the observer sustaining (and later describing and retaining) his or her own vivid, but mainly incorrect, description of what is experienced."

To really rub it in, they dump a whole shaker full of salt in the wound:
There are, of course, other causes of UFOs - aeroplanes with particularly bright lights, stray odd-shaped balloons and strange flocks of birds, to name but a few.

Apparently they just couldn't resist.

It's dazzling to see how quickly this official explanation has made its way to the news feeds. If you can't smell Big Bad Debunker in all this, it's because, as the saying goes, you haven't been paying attention.

UFO Updates. Anyone who sincerely swallows this explanation for UFOs -- that it's plasma -- is simply naive, stubborn, or both. And if both, that?s a dangerous combination.


DaveTheDude said...

It is absolutely impossible and absurd (not to mention arrogant) to think we are alone. That we are it. The ridicules scientist explanations are scientists being afraid to reveal the truth because (and they're right) the world could not handle it. So they are being obtuse intentionally. 99% of UFO reports are hoaxes but they are made on purpose to hide (drown out)the 'REAL' ones. It reduces the creditability. Wouldn't you like to know what's in the Pentagon? The White House? Area 51? Why all the sudden we're back to space exploration after a long absence? Mars? You 'really' think they are showing you 'all' the pictures they took? The Hubble telescope? It can see for a ka-zillion miles? It 'never' caught something 'flying' by out there? Come on. Yeah, right. Keep listening to those scientists. I've got a bridge to sell you.

Josephus said...

In 1967 on April 20, I discovered the workings of the Flying Saucer. These spheres underneath are Monopole High Voltage Generators.
The system of these HV Generators is based on a proposed Monopole HV Generator by Faraday (mid 1800's.):
Two concentric metal spheres do not touch and form a capacitor C.
This one is charged up to a potential V. Then the outside sphere is removed. The remaining spahere is a One-Terminal Capacitor c.
The potential on this sphere is momentarily C/c x V.
Difficult to do with spheres. Nobody ever had any success. Therefore it was deemed an impossible project and is stated as such in the physics books.
So I invented a novel type of capacitor. A glass tube, containing an ionizable gas like neon or argon. The glass is on the outside eneveloped by a metal coating like aluminum foil. When I "fired" the tube, I had a 2-terminal capacitor. I charged this capcitor up to 4000 volts.
When I let the firing and charging switch go, a large explosion was heard outside, the lights went out, I go the Mother of all Pokes and almost broke my arm when I hit a wooden stud in my basement work-shop. I went outside and noticed the power transformer on a pole, 100 ft away, in flames. I was called out and when I came home a few hours later, I found that I had also zapped my TV and HiFi. The Power Company had installed a New Power tRansformer and blamed a squirrel (Thank You Lord!).
When I measured later the output of this generator in a small Farady Cage, this time using long plastic sticks to activate the switches, I found that I had generated 150,000 volts.
Another experiment with three tubes generated 500,000 Volts and caused a lightning strike on the tree underneath I was parked and set it afire.
I realized that with a little bit less effort from my side I should be able to "tap" power to make an electric car (like Tesla's Pierce Arrow Car in 1931) work. It could also be used to power any dwelling all over earth (which is probably the reason why Tesla did not divulge how it worked, Morgan would have him killed. He did not dare to patent it. I did.)
I offered the invention to Canada as a Birthday Present, Canada was 100 years old. The Canadian National Researcg Council, the Sscientific and Funding Arm of the Government, ridiculed and rejected it. No matter how many times I wrote, I was an idiot up to four months after the Patents were granted. Then, as they had lost "face" they decided that it was just a "Minor Invention", not worthy of any funding. My US Patent Lawyer predicted the Nobel Prize! Engineers in the Nasa Propulsion Lab in Cleveland were: "Not interested, thank you for the copy of your Patent!"
Who would need them, if we could fly to the Moon in an hour, without heat-tiles, barf-bags or osteoporosis? Their salaries? Pooff
After the Space disasters they decided tot experiment with it, and, not asking me for advice, blew the Power Transformer Station on their grounds to Kingdome Come and blamed a poor innocent, defenselsss little tree for the ensuing black-out in parts of the USA and Canada. (Shhhh).
Nasa Propulsion Engineers will therefore fight tooth and nail to use their obsolete systems. Pity.
Then my poor wife found the stack of letters with rejections, ridicule and insults and did not want me to work on it anymore. Love won. She passed away and now I am working on it again.
First the system for home energy.
Slowly, as I am now on a small pension.
Could use the Nobel Prize!