Thursday, March 27, 2008

U.F.O.s in TV

This little spaceship tv is so cute! Speaking of TV's:

I Dream of Jeannie

When I was a kid, I liked this show, but eventually realized the whole “yes Master” thing was so wrong. The show didn’t have anything to do with UFOs or aliens, but one episode did have a UFO in it.

It aired in 1968, season 4. Titled U.F.Oh Jeannie. From the Internet Movie Database:
Landing in a flying saucer spacecraft, Tony and Roger are captured by hillbillies who think that they are martians.

I don’t remember that one. It’s not clear if the flying saucer spacecraft was a real flying saucer spacecraft, as in reverse engineering, which I highly doubt, or a man made U.F.O., as in an experimental craft, which is probably the plot.

A show that I loved when it was on, (and still love to watch in reruns) was the Dick Van Dyke show. One episode, aired in 1965, titled Uhny Uftz, dealt with Rob’s (Van Dyke’s character, Rob Petrie) working late at night in the office, and thinking he’s witnessing a UFO. Turns out it isn’t a flying saucer from Mars, but a toy the inventor the office down the hall was working on. (Richelle Hawks wrote an in-depth piece on UFOs in television, and she mentions this episode, among others.)


Alien Contactee said...

Looks like a tv they would have used on My Favorite Martian - he, he. It's so cute. I want one. I have a very tiny tv here next to my monitor but I want that tv, it'll fit just fine.

Lesley said...

I adored I dream of Jeannie as a kid. I always liked Jeannie's evil sister best because she had dark hair like me and was evil (or not nice like Jeannie).

My second fave was Bewitched. Again, I liked the evil dark haired sister the best.