Monday, January 28, 2008


My husband "George" went to a live taping of Space Patrol in Los Angeles when he was about six years old. (I was either not born yet or about a year, two years old, then!) He doesn't remember much about it, just that the exterior of the building was "beige," and he brought up on stage but, darn it, he doesn't remember details. He loved the show when he was a kid, of course, looking at the clips now, they're hysterical...though kind of charming. I love the "Space O' Phone."

Space Patrol was a half hour show, but they had a daily 15 min. show that aired daily in L.A., and was syndicated.

Space Patrol, out!


Stephen Wagner said...

"Golly -- Who in the universe would do that?"

Anonymous said...

I love this show!
I've been collecting the episodes for several years now.
Still hoping Image Entertainment will someday make the series available as they did a few sets of, Tales of Tomorrow . . .
I like your blog.