Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nick Redfern on The Allende Letters and the VARO Edition . . .

I like what Nick Redfern writes in his review of the book The Allende Letters and the VARO Edition of The Case for the UFOs over on UFO Mystic:
If, like me and Greg, you are a fan of old-time Ufology and that long-gone era when (A) UFOs really were shaped like Flying Saucers; (B) long-haired space-beings with entertainingly-stupid names and from far-off galaxies demanded we disarm our nukes, stole our soil and stopped the engines on our cars; (C) there existed a UFO research group - NICAP - that actually achieved things, beyond the bickering and name-calling that typifies much of today’s scene; and (D) Ufology was actually fun, rather than just deathly serious, pompously self-important, and amusingly ego-driven, then this is a book you are definitely going to want: a very-welcome reprint of a decidedly strange book that has become legendary in ufological circles: The Allende Letters and the VARO Edition of The Case for the UFOs.

I started this blog because I share this philosophy. It’s not a waste of time or a case of beating a dead horse, as some criticize (this looking back on UFO history/flying saucer era) it’s for the above reasons, as Redfern stated. And more; maybe we can discover new things by looking back now and then. We can apply to what we learn from old cases and stories as we explore new cases and stories. Take a look at Nick’s post for more. The book is yet another one on my ever growing list of UFO and Fortean books.

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