Saturday, January 5, 2008

Contactee Dana Howard in Understanding

Contactees Dana Howard in Daniel Fry's Understanding newsletter.

I received a nice e-mail from Sean Donovan, who runs the Daniel website. He let me know that Dana Howard wrote or appeared in several issues of Fry’s newsletter Understanding, and very kindly provided links to more information. (The Daniel Fry website is a valuable resource, well maintained. It takes a lot of work to do something like that!)

In Understanding, Volume 1, Number 10, October 1956 issue, Howard wrote Upon Another Dawn. Dana Howard writes about a New Age that “will soon be delivered.” This new era is one of love, “replacing the worn our concept of “fear God whom thouh hans’t not seen anc can’st never know.” “ Of the spaceships, she writes:
While flying saucer sightings have been somewhat on the wane this past year, many more around the world are making subjective contact with space people. The reports are identical in every instance . . . the outlook on life has been changed in "the twinkling of an eye." Some are cognizant of these space visitors. Others know intuitively they have made contact. They know because something inside tells them it is so.

Venus is the new heaven in Dana Howard’s world, and America is the home of this New Age of love and higher understanding:
"Only this, our Planet Venus, has known the fullness of perfection. But, step by step each and every planet in the broad universal system must climb the golden stairs. Child of Earth . . . your own America is the hope of your planet. She shall rise to her greatness, a haven for all who seek rest. With the coming of the New Dispensation, America, the land that has housed so many races, shall rise. Her banner of freedom shall wave in all its glory."

Under the wise leadership of those from On High, people will be gathered together in one fold. In that day America will 'become the brightest star in the galaxy, for right here in our own land we will establish an empire: of peace.

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