Sunday, December 2, 2007

UFO Mystic: The Bowen Manuscript

Nick Redfern on the Bowen manuscript. . .

A limited edition of An Encyclopedia of Flying Saucers from 1957 is available.
Between 1957 and 1961, Bowen worked on his Flying Saucer manuscript and did something with it that few, if indeed anyone else has ever done: namely, before submitting it to a publisher, Bowen sent an original, typed version of it to the Air Force for review, and in an effort to ensure that its contents, as they related to the Air Force, were accurate.

And that’s when the manuscript vanished.

An Encyclopedia of Flying Saucers was never published. However, in 1999, a strange thing happened: the same, original, typed version of the manuscript that Bowen sent to the Air Force all those years before, turned up in the mail-box of none other than UFO researcher Timothy Cooper
There are ties to MJ - !2 and as Redfern writes, there’s sure to be even more controversy about not only MJ-12, but Bowen’s book as well.

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