Saturday, December 8, 2007

E.T. Sex Can Be Out Of This World

Yikes, this is an odd one, (that’s not a bad thing) from Nick Redfern. All about inter species sex between aliens and humans. One classic encounter being the liaison between Antonio Villas-Boas and an alien in 1957. Writes Redfern:
One of the most celebrated cases on record occurred in October 1957. Twenty-three-year-old Antonio Villas-Boas claimed he was taken aboard a UFO from his family’s farm in Brazil late one evening, whereupon he was introduced to a short, naked space-girl who made it very clear to the startled farmer what she wanted.

There was no “take me to your leader”-type nonsense in this encounter, however. No, it was just pure sex, throughout which, Villas-Boas said in a 1962 interview, the girl “growled like a dog.” Hey, it doesn’t get much better than that

Nick, you cheeky bastard you!

Anyway, it’s true, as I’ve written before, the UFO phenomena is all about sex. We treat the subject of UFOs as something almost dirty; it illicits giggles and an embarrassment, the same kind of reaction middle schoolers (well, some anyway) have around sex. And many adults.

We exploit sex and use it to entice, sell things and seduce, but we won’t talk about it seriously. The same with UFOs; we joke, we use alien faces to sell everything from candy to skateboards, but we’re not going to talk seriously about aliens, abductions or UFOs, are we? Why, that’s crazy!

Sex with aliens, entities, even Bigfoot and other creatures, are a major part of the esoteric, and yet, it seems we continue to distance ourselves from the fact.

This item by Redfern however leaves no doubt about the relationship between humans and aliens!


Nick Redfern said...

I always try and tell it as it is! LOL.
Remember: I'm from Europe, where sex is no big deal in terms of embrassment etc and our mainstream TV is far more graphic than anything in my article.
I've often found it strange that many Americans have hang-ups over something as natural as sex; yet ultra-violent videogames and guns are seen as cool. Seems to me that's back to front.

R. Lee said...

I absolutely agree with you Nick!