Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ed Wood

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Why if I had half a chance, I could make an entire movie using this stock footage. The story opens on these mysterious explosions. Nobody knows what's causing them, but it's upsetting all the buffalo. So, the military are called in to solve the mystery.
Editor on Studio Lot: You forgot the octopus.
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: No, no, I'm saving that for my big underwater climax.
~ from the movie Ed Wood

I have the habit of listening to music as I cook dinner. Tonight I was listening to the score from the movie Ed Wood (1994) starring Johnny Depp as Ed Wood and directed by Tim Burton. (I’m a fan of both Depp and Burton.) Both Depp and Burton did a great job, as always -- the movie was great, as well as the music.
Bunny Breckinridge: What about glitter? When I was a headliner in Paris, audiences always liked it when I sparkled.
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: No!
Bunny Breckinridge: Cat's Eyes.
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: No!
Bunny Breckinridge: Well, I'm going to need some antennae.
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: No! You're the ruler of the galaxy! Show a little taste! ~ Ed Wood, the movie

I had either forgotten or never looked, but assumed, as I was listening to the CD tonight, the music was composed by Danny Elfman, who composes most of Tim Burton’s work. I was surprised to see Elfman didn’t compose the scored to Ed Wood; it was Howard Shore.
Paula Trent: ...A flying saucer? You mean the kind from up there?
Jeff Trent: Yeah, either that or its counterpart. ~ Plan 9 From Outer Space

(I don’t know where my brain has been, but it’s only recently that I noticed the two character’s have the last name of Trent; a reference to Paul and Evelyn Trent of McMinnville, Oregon?)
Paula Trent: Now, don't you worry. The saucers are up there. The graveyard is out there. But I'll be locked up safely in there.

One of Ed Wood’s films was the horrible/delightfully charming/mess of a movie, Plan 9 From Outer Space. (1959) I can’t help myself, I watch it everytime it comes on. Plan 9 makes no sense, and has the corniest, cheesiest dialogue in flying saucer movie history. That’s what makes it so great to watch.
Ed Reynolds: Perfect? Mr. Wood, do you know anything about the art of film production?
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Well, I like to think so.
Ed Reynolds: That cardboard headstone tipped over. This graveyard is obviously phony.
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Nobody will ever notice that. Filmmaking is not about the tiny details. It's about the big picture.
Ed Reynolds: The big picture?
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Yes.
Ed Reynolds: Then how 'bout when the policemen arrived in daylight, but now it's suddenly night?
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: What do you know? Haven't you heard of suspension of disbelief?

And finally, be sure you heed the following advice:
Criswell: Perhaps, on your way home, someone will pass you in the dark, and you will never know it... for they will be from outer space! ~ Plan 9 From Outer Space


Lesley said...

I think my favorite Elfman soundtrack for a Burton film is the sleepy hollow one. I listen to that a lot, especially around Halloween.

Ed Wood is probably one of my most favorite movies. I don't know how many times I have watched it now, but it still cracks me up. It is hard for me to say this, but Depp does not look at all good in womens clothing. Maybe that is for the best, nobody should look good in everything.

Sam said...

Man, I LOVE "Ed Wood"! Great performances throughout. I'm glad that Martin Landau won the Oscar for his awesome portrayal of Bela.

R. Lee said...

It's one of my favorite films too. And I was glad as well that Landau won; he did a fantastic job!