Monday, August 1, 2016

Ghost Hunters Find: Scholastic Books

A few years ago I bought this Scholastic Ghost Hunter "kit" at our book fair. I'd forgotten I had this - - found it while clearing out my bookshelves, my summer project.

Front of box: Ghost Hunter

The thing is kind of cheesy, I think it came with a little thermometer but that was gone when I opened the box. There was a plastic votive holder and battery operated candle, which still works.

Ghost Hunter Box: back side

I think there was a little book inside but if so, it's gone. Also included, cards of "ghosts" in various haunted locations. Some cards have text on the back. One example:

"St. Augustine, Florida: "Everytime I go to St. Augustine, I see this little boy sitting in the tree. this started when I was 13!"

The photos are fun but many of them look phony to me. 

RMS Queen Mary Bridge Long Beach, California: "Person seen at the helm. Who is this ghost?"

Graveyard: St. Augustine: "Need to do research on who the girl might be."

 While a lot of the images look phony to me, you all know I certainly believe ghosts are real! As to the Queen Mary, while I've never been there, I know many people who have, and they have had many sightings of ghosts there.

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