Monday, August 8, 2016

Draco the Dragon Man

I'm a fan of cheesy cover art in just about all genres,  especially vintage books and albums. I couldn't resist the cover so I picked it up; with a title like Draco the Dragon Man, (Cyril Donson,1974) I couldn't resist.

I expected the book to be bad, and wow, I was right! The writing is bad, as well as lurid. Which is to be expected. The sex scenes are so ridiculous.  Donson, the author, loves TO WRITE LOTS OF WORDS AND SENTENCES ALL IN CAPS for some reason. Comma abuse is rampant as well as illogical. Oh, and exclamation points! All OVER, the, place! Everyone, is either shouting! Or YELLING, they all seem MAD! All the time! ALL the time!

But I was interested in the topic: underground reptilians. Reptilians as aliens, overlords, half human half beast, as monsters, as intelligent beings living in secret beneath our cities -- all fascinate me. This story however is your basic somewhat thin monster/horror story.

Cyril Donson, British writer, wrote westerns, sci-fi and even a book of poems. The latter which, I can only guess at that one.

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Terry the Censor said...


Sounds like the author was ready for the internet before the internet had been invented.