Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Ectoplasmic Flying Saucer | Interesting Articles, Links and Other Media

Fascinating, this blog post about medium Alec Harris, and meetings with flying saucer people during a session. The following words from the other world visitor sounds typical of messages received by contactees of that era. (An observation, not a judgement on the validity, or non, of such encounters.)
The Ectoplasmic Flying Saucer | Interesting Articles, Links and Other Media: A tall Spirit materialised wearing a mask which covered his whole face leaving only his eyes visible. This figure approached Hyman and taking him by the hand led him to the cabinet. Then in a serious voice he said: "I want to tell you that flying saucers do exist, although your world is sceptical of any reports of such. But I say to you that they will one day be an established fact, and will arrive on your planet before man destroys himself; but the time is not yet ripe."

And, as with many of these types of encounters (including Mothman,etc.) pre-knowledge of events concerning the witness is had by the non-human entities.

(There was another South African contactee: Elizabeth Klarer, who lived on the planet Meton with Space Brother Akon and had a child together.)
h/t to The Anomalist.

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Terry the Censor said...

It is interesting!

Many UFO proponents kick the contactees around because, well, it's easy, and because putting the boot to contactees established that ufologists are serious people.
I find that stifling, I find that sad. You don't have to believe the contactee claims to appreciate them as individuals putting forward their unique vision of reality.
Under the influence of Hopkins and Jacobs, contact reports conformed rigidly to a template, because the investigators thought repetition of details would mean corroboration, and make abductions seem more scientifically valid. But under those fellows, the investigator reigned supremere and the individual witness was lost, ground up like so much hamburger. To me, that is the antithesis to the spirit of ufology.

I'd like to see Anomalist or New Page have an affordable reprint series of interesting contactees whose books have long fallen out of print.