Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pilot Recalls Seeing Discs

From The Oregonian, July 9, 1947. Follow link in article for full article. h/t to Paranormal News for link:
Pilot Recalls Seeing Discs - Paranormal News -- Your Source for UFO and Paranormal Related Information: Rankin, who is recovering from an old back injury received in an automobile accident came to Portland over the weekend to spend the summer. He saw the 'silver saucers' over Bakersfield, California, June 23, while lying on the lawn sunbathing, he told the Oregonian.

"I hesitated to say much about them," Rankin said, "Until I noticed all the Hullaballoo in the papers. I puzzled over their strange shape for awhile and finally concluded that they were the Navy's new XFSU-1 flying flapjacks, which are thin and round, with twin propellers and glubby tail.

Only One XFSU-1 Built

The navy and manufacturer have announced officially that only one such machine was built and that it never left Connecticut.

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