Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bruce Rux on BOA

Fantastic job by Tim Binnall at Binnall of America, who interviewed Bruce Rux, author of Hollywood vs The Aliens and Architects of the Underworld -- also, Rux is an actor, playwright, . . . yet he doesn't have a "web presence" as Tim put it, and he's kind of a mysterious figure. Adding to this intriguing aura is the interesting fact Rux works for Wackenhut, which, as any conspiracy esoteric Fortean junkie knows, is a juicy tidbit, since the shadowy MIB like implications of that corporation is well known, as Rux himself happily acknowledges. This is a three part interview; much to think about as Rux and Tim discuss the intentional disinformation planted by government into our media and popular culture.

Be sure you listen to this series of interviews. Great work, and as always, thanks to Tim Binnall for bringing us these great interviews for free.

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