Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bruce Duensing Ponders the Contactees

Bruce Duensing, at Intangible Materiality, on the contactees. A very different perspective: The Gravitational Field of the Contactees.
In thinking about what do "they" want, Bruce puts forth:
And so we ask, "What do they want?" Consider for a moment a one word reply. Nothing.

Maybe they do, maybe they don't. For much of UFO, anomalous and paranormal interactions, maybe the answer is that "they" don't want anything. They just are.

Bruce considers the interactions between contactees and the entities and presents some interesting perspectives;for example, are our desires and anxieties contributors to the experience?

I can never do Duensing justice so I'll stop now. Visit his site and read his article if you want something new to turn over regarding the contactee experience.

I'll just say that, while I remain utterly inarticulate as to why abductees, contactees and other experiencers of high strangeness should be considered seriously and not just as some quaint yet embarrassing aberration better left alone if one is a "serious" UFO researcher, it is important to explore this realm, without the finality of the decree "they were all frauds."

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