Friday, November 7, 2008

Nick Redfern on Beckley's "Strange Saga"

Nick Redfern reviews Tim (Mr. UFO) Beckley's 'Strange Saga' on UFO Mystic.
Here's what Nick writes about the book and how it was in the good old days of UFO chasing:
It’s clear from what Beckley has to say that the world of Ufology back then was very different to that of today. For a start, it still possessed a sense of humor and wasn’t full of pompous, self-important ufologists (or there were certainly less of them, at least!). And the subject was full of something else too: characters.

I like that. So many full of themselves twits out there today, and that's within UFOlogy; forget about the usual uber sketpics and debunkers.

I was fortunate enough to have Tim Beckley send me a treasure trove of books as well; and his books, as well as his newsletter, are worth reading, espeically for "UFO buffs."

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