Saturday, November 22, 2008

19th Century UFO Synchronicity

In Darklore II, Theo Paijmans writes about 19th century UFO sightings. Yes, that's 19th century.

In a bit of UFO synchronicity, I was searching for something I had written about UFO researcher (and professional musician) Gordon Kaswell, (Gordon Kaswell on Skepticism) who lives in Eugene. Reading over a blog post I had written -- actually, a post Gordon had written about skeptics that I put up on my blog The Orange Orb -- I found that a blog had linked to that piece with an entry titled "Why I Love Eugene." Apparently that person knew Gordon also, and had posted about running into him in town; where, Gordon proceeded to tell this person about UFO sightings in the 1800s.

And overall, I've been thinking about Venusians, UFO sightings and encounters in the 1800s lately, probably inspired by my husband's recent rediscovery of Tesla, this time with a flying saucer persceptive. We also have the British release of photos of UFOs, some going back that far.

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