Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Visit to Harry King, Home of Snippy the Horse

Interesting post at Church of UFOlogy about their visit to Harry King's ranch in Colorado, which was home to the "first" UAD or animal mutilation in context of UFOs. Snippy as the media dubbed her, was not a cow but a horse. What's interesting is that members of the family, including King, felt it wasn't aliens that were responsible for the poor horse's death, but government, to cover something up, including UFOs, since UFO activity was high back then, as it is now. That whole area, as Chris O'Brien and others have written extensively, is rife with UFO sightings, and other very high strangeness stuff.

Anyway, visit the blog Church of UFOlogy for more on this intriguing story in UFO history: Harry King.

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