Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Bit of Vintage Saucer News From Around the Web

A few items of vintage UFO stuff in recent news:

The Flatwoods Monster extravaganza, by Mike Sizemore,
brings us news of upcoming events inspired by the Flatwoods encounter:
In centrally located Braxton County, will be exporting the tale of the Flatwoods Monster, an alien creature said to have crash-landed near the tiny town 56 years ago. Hundreds are expected to gather at the Alban Art & Conference Center in St. Albans to rekindle interest in the curious event and raise its profile in the annals of West Virginia history.

As folklore tells it, early in the evening of Sept. 12, 1952, several residents of Flatwoods claimed to have witnessed a UFO. Schoolchildren Edward and Fred May, along with their friend Tommy Hyer, spotted a calamitous crash on a nearby farm and rushed to investigate. They and several others joining them reported finding a strobing ball of fire accompanied by a noxious mist. Under an oak tree not far away the group encountered a creature emitting a “shrill hissing noise.” The terrified group fled in due haste.

UFOs Made Headlines in 1884 Mind you, this is from the Weekly World News website . . .

From the Bones Blog, a blog about the “ social impact of one of the best science fiction franchise of all time. The impact of how science is used to solve our most difficult social concerns will also be discussed.” there’s “The Anthropology of Star Trek”

Phillip Mantle, in WING COMMANDER ALAN TURNER MBE. RAF SOPLEY UFO-1971, on American Chronicle, writes about Royal Air Force personnel sighting of a UFO in 1971.

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