Friday, February 5, 2016

"Easter Eggs", Moby Dick, and The X-Files

So much is out there about the limited return of The X-Files -- I can't possibly add anything anymore insightful or different. All I will say is that the three episodes shown so far have been fantastic. Classic X-Files, just excellent.

In the third episode, amongst the humor and "throw back" X-Files vibes, were "easter eggs" as refers to the many inside jokes and references in that episode. For example:

Every Easter Egg in X-Files Were-Monster Episode -- Vulture: Daggoo! Finally, we need to talk about Daggoo, the cute canine Guy Mann adopts and Scully later sneaks out of the animal shelter. This continues Morgan's trend of referencing Herman Melville's time-honored Moby-Dick. In the novel, Daggoo is one of the harpooneers on the Pequod, the ship captained by the tyrannical Ahab. In one of the Morgan-ghostwritten scenes for season three's "Quagmire," Scully likens Mulder to Ahab, and compares the agent's quixotic quest to Ahab's obsessive search for the great white whale. (
One I noticed that the article didn't mention: when Fox Mulder is in Scully's motel room, standing by a fox head mounted on the wall.

It has been wonderful to have The X-Files back! Even if it is for a very limited run.

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