Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eros & Ufos: The Repressed Sexual Aspect of Mystical Experiences (Part 2) | Intrepid Blog

 RPJ compares and contrasts sexual attitudes of socieities in general with UFO culture.

The sexual aspect of UFO (and paranormal/supernatural) encounters is a huge one, an obvious one, and yet, it seems to me we continue to be squeamish around the topic.  Coincidentally, right before I went over to visit The Daily Grail site, where I found the link to Red Pill Junkie's Intrepid post (linked below) I was thinking of a specific and highly personal experiences of my own that I don't think I'll ever share publicly. That's how the title of one of my blogs -- Octopus Confessional -- came about. I was originally going to use that blog to discuss experiences, my own and those of others, that are of that 'squemish" variety. I found I wasn't ready to do that, and the blog ended up a paranormal-conspiracy, para-political blog.

Anyway, great post at Intrepid, enjoy!

Red Pill Junkie at Intrepid blog:Eros and Ufos: The Repressed Sexual Aspect of Mystical Experiences (Part 2) | Intrepid Blog
Although my initial exploration of the links between Sex and the Saucers took a very abstract and esoteric approach, there have been previous researchers who opted for a more um, literal view. Otto Binder (1911-1974) who started his career writing pulp fiction and eventually became one of the most important writers for the Golden Age of comics, developed a huge interest in UFOs by the end of his life. He wrote a Saucerian trilogy saga —What We Really Know about Flying Saucers (1967), Flying Saucers Are Watching Us (1968), & Mankind –Child of the Stars (1974)– and as their titles imply he was one of the early proponents of the Ancient Astronaut Theory even before Von Däniken brought the topic to the mainstream radar. Binder based his theory of a direct Extraterrestrial intervention on 2 pieces of ‘evidence’:
As RPJ comments, "Now comes the climaxing conclusion, so brace yourself, baby!"

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