Friday, March 27, 2009

Will Jima, 8 Track Tapes

Received an email from someone looking for "books and tapes. . by mysterious seller of UFO spoken word LP and 8 track tapes, Will Jima." Jima made recordings of his experiences in the 1970s.

Jima seems like an interesting person; this is from the site 8 Track of the Moment:"
"Secret Government Information Suppressed
One of the Most Amazing Recordings Ever Made"

This tape was recorded and distributed independently by one Will Jima . It seems old Will had a deep conviction that the government was suppressing amazing information about UFOs way back in 1974 and decided to put out his own 8-track to let the world in on his fantastic discovery.

This guy was obviously way ahead of his time what with all the X-Files and turn-of-the-millennia UFO mania our culture is in the grips of these days. Mr. Jima had some pretty clear answers to some very relevant UFO questions. The label of the 8-track speaks for itself. The cover image is of--well I don't know what--but presumably it's a UFO.

I knew that if anyone had something about Jima, it'd be Adam Gorightly; he has an excerpt from one of Jima's tapes here. Great listening; I love the background music!

Here's more on Jima from Adam.

The search is on!

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