Saturday, January 10, 2009

Space Patrol Versions

I have a fear and distaste of clowns. I also have a fear and distaste of these weird puppets in Space Patrol, and Thunderbirds. I remember, as a kid, just feeling very creepy watching these kinds of programs. I love the sound effects and the space cities and machines; it's just the puppets that got to me, and still do. Just can't get over the sense that there's something unwholesome going on, as well as something I'm missing , something I'm just not getting. But, my personal clown/puppet neurosis aside, Space Patrol, like this clip from the early 1960s, is still a vintage goodie. According to the blurb on You Tube there was a DVD boxed set of Space Patrol released a few years ago but it's hard to find. Space Patrol was called Planet Patrol in the U.S. because there was another program called Space Patrol at that time. (With humans.)

Here's Space Patrol with humans.

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Autumn_Sky said...

Yes, these puppets bring some sort of shady memory to the fore - grey and preying mantis beings bopping and jerking in strange movements - intruding into my reality.