Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Saucer People Trading Cards: Men in Black, #23

This is Men in Black, card #23, from the Saucer People boxed trading card set from Kitchen Sink Press, 1992. The set has thirty six cards, with comic book style illustration on front, and information about the UFO event or researcher on the back.

"Some believe them to be government agents, others think they are Saucer People."
I love the objectified female in distress; fearful of the Men in Black who are, apparently, being quite rude to her boyfriend. Tight red dress, frightened… who will rescue her? Or will the Men in Black get her?

The info on the back of the card has nothing to do with the image on the front; the story on the back tells us of George Cook, head of the Pennsylvania NICAP group, who had several run-ins with MIB in 1967. 

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Terry the Censor said...

Thanks for the post. There's some reasonably priced sets on eBay. I might treat myself at birthday time.

(That MIB card is disturbing, as you note, almost hinting at rape. But some others I looked at online are just straight-up portraits, so it's not all salacious.)